Eligibility & Submission Rules


Any campaign that ran during the qualifying period 1st of October 2022 - 1st of October 2023  


Submissions cannot be cancelled or withdrawn after 15th of November!
If a case is judged by any Jury for Ethical Practice in advertising, then the Jury of the MIXX Awards will be advised of this. It is up to the MIXX Jury and a representative of IAB Romania to decide whether to include the case for the final judgment.

The Entrant must provide a proof of payment for its submission/s 

until the final submission deadline, or the entry will not be eligible to be awarded.

The proof of payment should be sent over via e-mail mixx@iab-romania.ro


Deadline to enter the IAB MIXX Awards Romania: 13th of November 2023 at 23:59. 
Entrants can submit a campaign in more categories by checking the appropriate checkbox. Only one filling in of the submission form is necessary! The entry fee is calculated per submission (e.g one campaign submitted in one category = one submission; the same campaign submitted in 2 categories = 2 submissions)
Submissions should reflect work that was carried out predominantly by the submitting agency or advertiser, and the role of collaborating (creative and media) agencies and key individuals should be referenced.

Entry Information

Please make sure all information including campaign name, advertiser, submitting agency and credits is referenced and spelled exactly as it should appear in information for the media, in the MIXX Awards Winners’ Gallery, and on printed and multimedia presentation materials for the Awards Gala.

Work submitted must be original or you must have secured rights to submit it.

Creative Materials and Briefs: 

By entering work into the MIXX Awards you automatically grant the IAB the right to make copies, reproduce and display the creative materials and briefs for educational and promotional purposes such as but not limited to the website, newsletter, programming/conferences and the Awards Gala.
We respect that entries may have information deemed confidential by the client. For this reason, you will have the opportunity in the online entry form to indicate whether or not publishing permission is granted for the written briefs section of the entry form.

Use of material
By submitting your case, you explicitly grant permission to IAB Romania to use the information and material of your case for events and publications through all possible channels. Confidential information may be labeled as such and this will be taken into account by IAB Romania. Please keep in mind that we need a VIDEO creation for the winning campaigns, to be publicly broadcasted during the Gala. 

Awarding the winner of each category

Will be made according to the final score resulted on each criteria. ( EG: If a campaign is in conflict of interests with one of the juries, the average score is made dividing by the number of eligible juries.)
In order to be announced as a winner, a campaign should get the highest score among all other campaigns in one category.