Judging criteria detailed


Each of the members of the jury will receive an account and a form in which will have to assign points taking into account the following:

  • Strategic Approach: 

Judges look for a firm understanding of the context, business/marketing challenge, campaign objective, along with a solid strategy & approach of the challenge. It is important to prove the use of research, creativity, choice of media vehicles and integration with other non-interactive media if appropriate

  • Creative concept: 

Judges will consider such criteria as engagement, unique use of medium, art direction, copywriting, integration with overall campaign, and use of technology.  

  • Execution: 

In order to evaluate and understand the mechanism of the campaigns at this section the brief, the candidate should should provide answers for the following questions:  

    • Overall description of the campaign and how well was the campaign carried out? 

    • How creative or sophisticated was the campaign in its use of media? 

    • What percent of the campaign budget went to interactive media? 

    • How well was technology leveraged?

    • What did the agency do to accomplish the brand and/or business goals and objectives outlined above?

    • A thorough supply of key deliverables provided - Image & Video cases

  • Amplification: 

This section should provide information on mechanisms and channels used in rolling out the campaign: paid media, influencers, digital PR, guerilla, OOH. (What interactive tactics & channels were used? Why and how were they used - what was the approach? What percentage of the overall interactive budget was allocated on each channel?) 

  • Innovation: 

The judges will evaluate whether there Is there anything unique, noteworthy or interesting about the execution of the strategy

  • Results: 

This section should provide an explanation of the success of the campaign and provide information on the achievement of the objectives and goals of the campaign and if there are evidence to back it up. What was the overall ROI? Did the performance of the campaign have a significant impact on the business? How well did the work do against your brand and/or business goals and objectives?

  • Category Rationale

At the end, the judges will have to assign a Category Rational grade: A grade that illustrates the relevance (best fit) of a campaign with the specific category. 

Depending on the category the judges will give more attention to one or more criteria. 

For example: in the category Direct response, the criterias Results and ROI will be the most important criteria, so if a case submitted in this category has a brilliant strategy, a fabulous design and the perfect mix of media but lousy results, the case will never win the award in the Direct Response category.

Awarding the winner of each category  

Will be made according to the final score resulted on each criteria. ( EG: If a campaign is in conflict of interests with one of the juries, the average score is made dividing by the number of eligible juries.)   
In order to be announced as a winner a campaign should get the highest score among all other campaigns in one section. 

The winner of the category that gets the most points is awarded with Best Digital MIXX Campaign.