General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: The campaign task was to launch a new pet store in Romania, focused on physical stores. It is a new player on the market thus the main objective was to create brand awareness and thus gain customers.

We identified a rather self-evident target: pet owners (female, male, diverse), Age: 20-60 years, Mix of pets (mainly dogs, cats & rodents). All are at least jointly responsible for buying pet supplies, all buy pet supplies (also) offline + online.

Our main objective was to create mental availability of the new brand among all these potential buyers. We identified the key touchpoint for awareness as programmatic brand stories.

A secondary objective was to push further in the funnel and generate traffic in store.

It was a tough launch as the pet shop competitive landscape is crowded, with big players with both online and physical stores. Top 3 pet shops in RO are zooplus.ro, petmart.ro and maxi-pet.ro

For traffic we saw an opportunity to turn these competitors into an opportunity for growth:
We identified all competition pet stores within 10 min from our own locations. Based on this, we identified prospect shared traffic between the selected locations and the competitors – this analysis allows to estimate how many customers from the competitors could visit our location, without significantly changing their regular path and vice versa.

The touchpoints for this store traffic are location based to leverage this opportunity: Location SMS Push, Standard display with programmatic innovative Mspark solution, Branded pin and Rich takeover on Waze.
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