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Strategic approach: How we leveraged a performance video marketing strategy with a well known influencer to assist decision making and increase sales by 66%

YOXO is one of the most innovative telecom products on the market, launched by Orange Romania in 2020. It is a 100% digital telecom subscription that comes as an app and it’s meant to change the traditional contractual relationship with a telecommunications provider - with YOXO, users get a postpaid type of service with no contractual limits, re-configurable each month and with the possibility to cancel the service whenever they want without penalties whatsoever.

Almost everything about YOXO was a complete novelty: the product innovated from scratch in terms of design & mechanics, in a market used to a different approach for mobile subscriptions: a minimum of 2 years contract, a trip to the store to sign up and so on.

Hence, the service raised a series of adoption barriers for our client that we needed to overcome in order to offer a scalable long-term perspective.

The main challenge was to overcome the adoption barriers due to disruption & novelty of YOXO and generate business growth of plus 28% in 2022.

YOXO needed a strong impulse to determine users to change their service provider, and that impulse had to be generated in order to win the “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT).

The ZMOT is a model introduced by Google and refers to the moment in the buying process when the consumer who researches a product prior to purchase is ready to make a decision.

As an impulse, we used Youtube & Tik Tok video ads and worked with a well known influencer to define a funny and well thought-out visual content. The campaign was intended to be funny, to spark curiosity and to solve a need for flexibility.

Strategically, the aim was to influence momentum and generate search intent by video awareness on Youtube & Tiktok then capitalize it on search engines by targeting users in “zero moment”.

“The Zero Moment of Truth” for YOXO translates into the moment when users exposed to impulse start doing research in search engines. Our past data showed a strong correlation between search intent results and business growth, resulting in more sales and
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