General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: OPPORTUNITY
Ursus Breweries, the largest player in the domestic beer industry, identified the opportunity to further consolidate the position within the international premium segment, by launching Kozel, the beloved Czech beer, in Romania.
The challenge: how to differentiate in a crowded market, full of well-established brands and already saturated of conventional advertising?
The decision: an innovative integrated launch campaign, where everything is about being unconventional, from brand messages to communication channels and execution.

We wanted to gain mass awareness in only 4 weeks and differentiate among other international premium beer brands, so we decided to go for unconventional communication, engaging and experiential ideas around our most fun, important & distinctive brand asset - The Goat.
Our communication objectives were:

_Generate mass awareness around Kozel beer brand launch
_Generate organic media coverage and conversation in social media, with the help of Influencers & KOLs
_Position Kozel as a quality, international beer brand, with an authentic, playful tone of voice

To see if we reach our objectives, we will look at both quantitative and qualitative indicators: brand awareness KPI, level of organic reach obtained, viral video views & reactions, number of articles in the press generated by our press release, conversation generated in social media by KOLs, tone of voice & key messages of the content generated.

Our core target is not so much about demographics but about persona characteristics – people who appreciate quality beer, mostly young professionals that are interested in international beer, who socialize a lot, enjoy spending time with their friends and value a good work-life balance. The challenge was to attract those similar people that at the same time have different socio-demographics spectrums.
To reach our super spread socio-demographic target we engaged with a wide mix of KOLs and channels, based on 3 criteria:
_brand affinity
_consumer relevance
_reach potential
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