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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Talent crisis in advertising is escalating at a fast pace in Romanian market. Competition is merciless between major agencies and costs are exploding every season. Everybody is looking for new talents, especially in digital world and the entry costs are becoming huge. Big competition, low market and balance the costs of acquisition. And, for first time ever, ad agencies are competing not only with each other, but with all the ecosystem of Tech giants, new tech companies and all major clients that are sharing the same needs - same digital native people. In this context, the only sustainable solution for the entire market is to attract and nurture new generation of ad people - born and grown in digital era.

How to find young people in the crowded world of all messages invading their screens, inboxes & apps. How to remain relevant as advertising industry, when the biggest rival, tech industry, is the sexiest in the town. How to tell them how exciting digital media can be, beyond the news hype of Elon Musk tweets and Cambridge Analytica. And how to explain to a Gen Z generation that takes no corporate BS that the world they try to change is up to them to build up, how to address every “- ISM” that could inflict the dialogue.

Education is transforming - self schooling is more popular than ever, tutorials or teaching platforms helping people reinventing themselves continuously. Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn and so many other online platforms provide valuable certifications, opening gates that used to need years and years of universities to be opened. The access to knowledge is more democratic than ever, and Gen Z generation is making the most of it. They are used to learn as you go, learn as you please style of schooling, discovering things on YouTube tutorials, accumulating information in snack bites.

We decided to lure young students (or freshly graduates) to the advertising & media industry by inviting them to the “The School of Big Ideas”, a hybrid twelve module media course hosted on Marcel, our global Publicis Groupe custom-made AI platform, a place where our talent can learn, share, and create more than ever before. Most promising during the class would become interns, and hopefully our colleagues in Publicis Media.

Our objective for the first edition of the school was:
25 students recruited on the first edition of the school
15 interns enrolled in 2023
10 junior positions filled in 2023, following the first edition of the school
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