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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: CONTEXT: There are billions of gamers out there, we need to convince them start a career. Companies always try to hire young people. But Gen Z ignores job announcements from the real world. The only jobs they pursue are in the virtual world. They spend several hours daily practicing jobs in GTA Real Life mod while in the real world the workforce is in continuous decline. The newest game mod launched by GTA gives a life-like feeling to the game; players have the ability to apply to multiple jobs, attend college, earn a degree, and make a salary while working your way up the charts.

CHALLENGE: How does Kaufland, one of the TOP employers in Romania, manage to find a way to arouse the interest of young people from Generation Z around its not-so-cool jobs?

Despite a zero media budget, we wanted to increase the awareness of Kaufland's jobs among the young gamers community to recruit them further.

#1. Visibility
The main objective was to reach as many Gen Z and Young Millennials gamers as possible through gaming with our message about the jobs in the Kaufland store.

More specifically, reach in the two days of the campaign at least 100k views of the 8 live from the 8 streamers.

#2. Recruitment
Generate interest in the jobs offered by the Kaufland virtual store. Recruit at least 500 new employers from the gaming community in the Kaufland virtual store during the two days of the campaign.

Young audiences are notoriously difficult to reach with traditional advertising. As they don’t react well to top-down or intrusive brand messages, we chose another way to engage them where they are: within the GTA Real Life mod. We built a four-tiered strategy: - Creating a behavior in the GTA Real Life gameplay that can become a behavior in your life: you practice real jobs and tasks, as in the real world. - Considering gamers as real people. Gaming is more than a leisure activity, it’s a source of gaining money. If you want to be competitive in your gameplay, having a job is a key factor for your performance. - Teaming up with the biggest streamers to spread this message to gain persuasion. - Making the job announcements from the real world accessible to all gamers by introducing our career website on their in-game phone.
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