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Strategic approach: Bears get f*cked since times immemorial. After humans have been hunting down these magnificent beasts for centuries, a new means of commercial exploitation appears in modern days: the copyright trophy. Brands use bears’ image for profit without giving anything back.
Today, bears are almost extinct in reality but still extensively abused as marketing trinkets by local and international brands spanning from beer to high fashion apparel. Millions of USD are being made in - literally - the name of the bear while shelters struggle with little to no funds, unable to preserve and protect their rights and, ultimately, their life.

Agent Green, a tireless environmental organization in charge with the preservation of bears in probably the last standing pristine wildlife area in Europe, wants to settle this once and for all and do justice to the bear by claiming rightful retribution from those who owe them, and use the money to build a wildlife sanctuary in the middle of the Carpathians.
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