General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: By making parents experience in real life the dangers their kids could experience online, Telekom managed to shake their apathy so they act fast. The Online Park is a one-of-a-kid idea that had the capacity to disrupt parents' traditional indifference through the power of a shocking experience.

THE CAMPAIGN HAD ONE CHALLENGE: determine parents to act against the cyber dangers threatening their kids online and arm them with Telekom’s Kaspersky solution.

1. COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVES: make parents want to Take action.
Achieve over 50% Consideration for parents wanting to install an online kids
security tool (as a benchmark, only 24% of parents declare having any kind of digital child
protection filter)

2. BEHAVIOR OBJECTIVES: determine people to install Filtering apps.
Double the number of Kaspersky app downloads during the campaign

3. DIGITAL OBJECTIVES: involve people in the campaign (the Universe is approx. 930 000 people between 25-45 y.o. with children under 14 y.o.)
• Generate 1 Million views on YouTube for the movie
• Generate 10.000 engagements with the campaign
• 35% View Through Rate (that already represented an all-times best vs. any previous Telekom social media content)

4. BRAND OBJECTIVES: improve Telekom brand image. Obtain +10pp improvement on Top attributes related to the campaign (people exposed vs. people unexposed to “The park” campaign):
• “Telekom helps parents to protect their kids online”
• “Telekom answers to today parents problems, I would definitely consider”
• “Telekom when changing the current provider”
• “I would recommend Telekom to my friends”


Today’s age of tech adoption is very low. 85% of 10 y.o kids already own a
smartphone in Romania. Online education during the pandemic made the digital even more present in children's lives.

With kids in danger, parents must be the ones to take action.
But when it comes to education, Romania is quite a conservatory. Modern parenting is something new and embraced by a minority, with most parents raising their children the way their own parents did. Obviously, Romanian parents love their kids and are known to be overprotecting. They are shielding their children from all the harms and dangers they could
possibly imagine based on their own childhood experience. But, the Internet world and its threats are contexts that parents did not face themselves as kids!

They discovered the digital world as grown-ups and remember the times when Social Media didn’t even exist. Because parents are rarely connected to modern parenting and they rely mostly on their own childhood experience, they tend to ignore or minimize the online dangers, doing almost nothing to protect their kids online.
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