General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: As a technology-driven betting platform, Betano, the proud sponsor of FCSB, wanted to glorify the Red-Blue fans by offering them a compelling gamification experience to fulfil their emotional need of recognition in post-pandemic times.

We all know that football fans are the heart of the game, but the pandemic forced them to stay away from their favourites, leaving them without access to the stadium.

Having this in mind, how could Betano capitalize on the FCSB sponsorship to establish a connection with the Red-Blue fans by using the power of gaming?

Objective #1. Awareness & Participation
Reach as many Red-Blue fans as possible and encourage them to join our gamified adventure on social media

Objective #2. Engagement & Advocacy
Encourage the Red-Blue fans to engage with Betano’s gamified experience and further influence more Red-Blue fans through the voice of the community.
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