Eco-Rom Ambalaje (ERA) is the most important Packaging Recovery Organization in Romania.
ERA reached this position by developing an efficient waste management national system and making constant communication efforts aimed at behavior change.
“Reciclare pentru de-stresare”/ “Recycling for stress relief” was a national campaign for ERA, executed in September – November 2013, aimed to raise public interests on separate collection, build trust and increase participation.
70% of the packaging waste is “produced” by households, therefore ERA needed a campaign to stimulate and grow the habit of the mass population to recycle plastic & glass bottles, paper, etc.
The objective of the campaign was to increase national level of awareness of the population aged 25-65 on the need to recycle packaged waste, also increase of usage of the special colored containers, implemented at national level by ERA.
Although the national campaign included multiple media channels (TV, outdoor & digital) and target-specific PR communication, DIGITAL was a key channel, with multiple strategic roles.
General Information:
Strategy: Business challenge
According to clients research, one of the main barriers for consumers to adopt a proper selective waste collection behavior is lack of space in their houses/kitchen/etc, since they are not aware that proper way to collect the packaged waste is to press them.
Using the communication profiles pinned down by Professor Robert Weisz from Aix-en-Provence University we segmented prospects into 4 typologies, (classified as “R”, “S”, “I” and “V”) with different psychological needs and consequent different collecting behaviors.
While “R” and “S” segments were quite diligent about recycling, “I” had a small propensity to recycle (“not fun and engaging enough”) and “V“ segment did not bother to recycle at all (“too mundane a task”). As “V” segment was also opinion-leader in their groups it become our target.
People with “V”-type personality are self-centered, strong-willed thus the most likely to feel frustration arising from daily challenges in fulfilling personal goals and desires. It was more than obvious that a message about what’s right and wrong would never appeal to them.
Campaign description
So we invented “Recycling for stress-relief” (“Reciclare pentru destresare”) advising them to relief tension and anger by squeezing, pressing and twisting empty packaging before throwing them into ERA recycling bins.
We made recycling fun and people-centric as our speech was totally guilt-free, liberated of all the environment-protection clichés.
Campaign message
Angry? Mad? Going bonkers?
It is scientifically proven that it’s healthier to let out steam.
So crush, smash and flatten all recyclable packaging.
Then throw them separately into the colored containers.
Recycling for stress relief.
A campaign designed and spread by Eco-Rom Ambalaje.

Digital Campaign
For this specific target segmentation, digital media had a major importance, as it has high penetration. Digital’s roles within the campaign strategy were defined as:
- increase reach by using digital paid media for incremental frequency and reach
- engage users and offer in depth info on the recycling process & selective waste collection, providing additional fun & useful info

To further increase efficiency we have defined a core-target for digital campaign: All, 25-44.
The digital strategy was to use as many touch-points to increase frequency of message exposure. Main KPI of the digital campaign was reach: 74% @1+ and 57% @3+ , for core target 25-44.
A detailed digital strategy was set, as a 360 digital approach was necessary to reach the objectives.
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