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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Issue/Opportunity
Solidarity, responsibility and social involvement are defining elements of BETANO, leading online gaming operator, in each of its operating markets. These values motivated BETANO Romania to take an active role in 2020 in supporting units and medical staff in overcoming the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic. In Spring 2020, the company donated EUR 100.000 to the Romanian Red Cross for purchasing urgent and necessary equipment for hospitals in Romania. BETANO is committed to continue developing and implementing CSR initiatives, aiming to help society in the fight against COVID-19.

The Research
The campaign started from analyzing the most stringent needs of the Romanian society. The most affected industry by the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania since the beginning of the pandemic was tourism and hospitality, followed by culture and arts. By the 2nd quarter of 2020, those industries registered a negative change in GDP of more than 50 percent.

HoReCa representatives needed help to survive in times when their business had been strongly affected by the governmental safety restrictions. Recent estimations and statistics showed that HoReCa would lose about 60% of its turnover in 2020. Moreover, a recent survey conducted at that time on health workers revealed that the front-line medical staff had an acute need for hot meals, free days for resting, as their work-life balance had suffered from severe deterioration. They needed extra support to continue saving people’s lives.

The Planning

Target audiences
BETANO’s mission came to the aid of both the HoReCa market and the medical staff, bridging together their needs in a CSR campaign titled Masa pentru Doi/ Table for Two. The campaign aimed firstly at supporting those affected in the pandemic, while at the same time building company reputation in the eyes of multiple stakeholders.
• Users & potential users – positioning as a reputable brand;
• Media – generating positive coverage;
• Institutional/Political stakeholders - consolidate the company’s reputation in front of key decision makers at a local level;
• General public – increasing reputation and taking a leadership stance for the online gambling industry.

Campaign Communication Objectives
• Continue to communicate the brand’s commitment to help society in the fight against COVID-19;
• Strengthen the positioning of BETANO as a mature, stable and responsible brand on the Romanian market;
• Build awareness for BETANO as inspirational company, socially active and pioneering in supporting local community;
• Enhance reputation among target consumers and, through it, address negative perceptions over the online gambling industry.

BETANO’s campaign Table for Two was launched in partnership with CSR Nest non-profit organization in the peak of the pandemic, during the holidays period.
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