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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Lay’s mission has always been to bring smiles to people’s faces and enjoy fun times together. Opening a bag of Lay’s is a social ritual that changes the mood, shifting the moment from “me” to “we”. Thus, the brand’s role is to create moments that foster deeper connections and inspire our collective spirit.

Lay’s is the #1 potato chips brand in Romania, but in a crowded salty snack category there’s a risk of losing relevancy and distinction.
Our goal was to increase local relevance and drive distinction by deepening emotional connection and bringing relevant KOLs behind the brand.

Our consumers are defined by a mindset: they are sociable, optimistic fun-seekers, which spend time with friends and want to make the most out of each experience.
But although we are virtually connected more than ever, people need to engage with each other in a more authentic and direct way.

Our strategy was to demonstrate the simple power of “we” by connecting with each other through a natural, human, contagious gesture - the smile. We aimed to inspire people to gift smiles to each other and to create a huge wave of smiles that spreads positivity.

Being the leader in its category in Romania, Lay’s can get involved and have a real impact in the community, so this year Lay’s started taking its first steps in this direction by integrating a CSR component into the brand strategy. In June 2021 Lay’s launched its first national campaign with a CSR pillar that aimed to bring together consumers, NGO’s and retail partners to collaborate in bringing actual smiles to the faces of those less fortunate among us.
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