General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: We took over the account in April 2020 and the main objective was to generate sustainable sales with a starting budget of 2000 EUR / month, where sustainable means maintaining a 5% cost of sale. This meant that we needed to generate at least 40.000 EUR / month in sales and more than 275 orders / month from our campaigns.
The main purpose in terms of audience targeting was to reach people that are interested in technology products and get them to see our clients products and product benefits. By having the info that our client worked with really good pricing for their products we had to figure the best way to position ourselves in the search engine with the products and pricing. So we decided that the best way to do this was through Google Shopping Ads and precise product search campaigns for the people that were looking for precise products and brands. 70% of the budget was to be invested in Shopping and 25% in Search Ads and 5% in Remarketing.
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