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Strategic approach: CONTEXT: Following the winter holiday season, most people return to their daily lives trying to hold on to the happy memories for as long as possible. But that’s not all they’re trying to hold on to – some of them are looking to recover financially after the inevitable impact brought by the same holidays. Then Blue Monday hits. And everything seems down. Which is where Penny comes to help. Who doesn’t value a giveaway in times like these?

CHALLENGE: The discount supermarket chain is always searching for ways to keep their loyal customers coming back but also to attract new ones. Middle of the winter is not the ideal time to go out for groceries, especially for the senior demographic. On the other hand, the young shoppers are less and less attracted to the “traditional” way of doing things. So staying relevant to both segments (on and offline) is often a challenge.

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE: Increase awareness around the brand’s new promotional campaign and drive participation to the dedicated Mobile Game where users can win the prizes. This translated into reaching at least 85% of the target group and getting at least 700,000 unique users to actually play the game.

APPROACH: Deliver the gamification experience to the young core target by identifying the most relevant placements for them, taking into consideration both behavior factors and the prizes typology. Maintain an ongoing optimization approach throughout the campaign, to prioritize best performing assets.
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