Bergenbier has well accompanied Romanian football and and friendships for 21 years. This summer, the brand began to prepare for the launch of the 0,75 ml Bergenber bottle on an already crowded market and the need for a teasing pillar soon came in sight both for the client and for us. As a creative agency, we are on a constant search for courageous ideas, always keeping an eye at international social movements. And at that point, the odds were favorable for us as we found a great communication opportunity within the Bottle Cap Challenge started by Jason Statham which soon turned into a viral movement. Thus, we engaged two of the most beloved Romanian football players, Gabi Balint and Bogdan Stelea, and launched the 0,75 ml Bergnbier bottle through the Bottle Cap Challenge..only with a twist. Because Bergenbier's twist-off caps was actually the trigger for our reinterpretation of the challenge. The launching campaign started when Balint posted his video as a response to the international SoMe challenge and also invited Stelea to join. The video immediately became viral and was not only welcomed on social media: TV stations, national and international media outlets also responded and heavily discussed Balint's initiative. In a nutshell, we took advantage of the important resources the internet has to offer and succeeded making Bergenbier stand out in an already jam-packed market. So when the new bottle was launched, people already knew about it and were even happier to find it in stores all around the country.
General Information:
Strategy: In 2019 we were briefed by Bergenbier S.A. to find a creative solution to bring the new 750 ml bottle into the spotlight. Both we and the client already knew that the market was over-crowded with lots of beer brands coming forward with the same kind of beer packaging. We also knew that none of these brands stood out in terms of creative approach.
In a nutshell, the business objective aimed at a growth acceleration in 2019: 9.6% vol. mkt share (+0.7pp vs LY). In terms of the specific objective for the Bottle Cup Challenge, it tackled the perceptual and attitudinal dimensions and it aimed at raising awareness arounf the launch of the 750 ml Bergenbier Bottle: a minimum of 1 million people reached. The brief was tough as the market agenda was no less crowded, beer brands launching 750 ml beer bottles on a constant basis.
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