Increase ratings of Discovery Channel Romania
General Information:
Strategy: Discovery Channel is aspirational in Romania: more people declare they watch it than the real number of viewers. However, in reality Discovery Channel is not attracting new viewers any more. Its viewers are the loyal viewers from several years ago, who are getting old. So the source of growth to increase ratings is to attract Young Men Non-Viewers to watch Discovery Channel.
How? We analyzed this target. They are interested in multiple topics: Adventure and Thrills, Sports, Cars and Science&Tech. Three of these match Discovery Channel content pillars. But we need to be specific, choose one most relevant topics in order to make an impact. So we dug deeper into the target. And we discovered that Cars is not suitable because young men are interested in cars as status symbols, while Discovery car shows are more about tinkering, DIY and repairs. Also Science is not that powerful because young men do not watch science shows in general despite their declared interest in science. Thus we conclude that the opportunity for growth is to communicate Thrills and Adventure content to Young men.
People do not plan to watch a specific channel, they plan to watch specific shows. Thus we analyzed Discovery Thrill&Adventure shows to discover the highest potential, on 4 dimensions: Thrill, Originality, Success benefit and Representativeness. Thrill represents how much the show embodies the need for thrill and challenge. Originality shows original the show is because distinctiveness attracts attention and creates WOM. Success benefit is the length of the show: there is bigger benefit to attract viewers to a show with multiple seasons, than to a show with only 5 episodes. And Representativeness shows how representative that show is to Discovery in general, and thus how likely it is for people to watch other shows after becoming interested in it.
This analysis showed that the highest potential is for Darkness, scoring top on Thrill and Originality. However it has only one season and is not that representative. Thus we proposed to complement it with Running Wild with Bear Grylls which scores top on these two dimensions (but less on the other two).
How do we get young men interested in Darkness? They want to be challenged, to prove themselves. Darkness show is people put in a cave in total darkness who confront their fear of the dark. So we through to bring this fear to young Romanian men.
How? Bravest Man in Romania Challenge. We provoke Romanian men to take part in a VR experience with scary experiences out of total darkness. The one who lasts longest is crowned Bravest Man in Romania.
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