Business Challenge: Our brief was to increase Delaco DeSenvis market share by attracting new consumers, through a smart promotion (23 May – 30 June 2018).

Marketing challenge: break the clutter in a category where promotions are happening almost every day. These are mainly price promotions or use the basic mechanic “buy the product and win a prize”. Promotions in this category deliver short term results and shares tend to go back to numbers that were there previous to the promotion. Because of retailers pressure promotions are a must and ensure a privileged position at the shelf.

We were dealing with a price sensitive category, overexposed to promotions and we had to promote a mainstream product so our concept needed to bring consumers closer to the brand by triggering an emotional response.
General Information:
Strategy: We decided to disrupt the classic way promotions work, build a message that make people stop and create a “wait, what?” moment.

We targeted medium families from urban areas, aged between 24-45 y.o. These are social active people, a lot of them having kids at home. They are willing to get involved in the community, especially with causes they can emotionally relate to, and they want to become role models for their kids.
How can a cheese help them feel they are doing something meaningful?

We launched the promotion “Congratulations! They won!” – the first promotion in Romania where you don’t win anything for you, but thousands of children will thank you.

The promotional mechanism represented the whole concept:
Buy one cascaval Delaco DeSenvis and a poor child wins automatically a sandwich.
If you liked winning nothing except self-esteem and the joy to offer a gift to a child in need – there`s more. Enter www.aucastigat.ro, take the code found on the packaging, activate it and one of the 5.000 big prizes - DeImbracat (things to wear), DeJucat (things to play) sau DeInvatat (things to learn) - will go to poor children.

We built our campaign on two pillars:
- Digital involvement – use technology to engage the consumers in the promotion
- Innovative concept – a switch of the promotional mechanics – the first promotion where you don’t win anything for yourself but for others
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