In 2016, Samsung decided to get closer to its online audience and to infuse a feeling of togetherness in the social media community. It was a shift from talking to the fans to talking at the fans. To do this, it created the first Instawalk event. What is a Instawalk? It’s the action of walking while taking pictures and instagraming them. The event was a success, opening the brand towards user generated content, a strategic pillar for the social media calendar until today.
In 2018, for the 3rd edition of the event, Samsung wanted to rise the stake and to celebrate the most engaged fans. Thus, the ambition was to display their photos in a more spectacular way, beyond Instagram accounts.
On May the 19th, during the Museums Night event, when streets were filled with people looking for art, we created a live museum with artworks produced by our fans that was admired by hundreds of people visiting the Qreator house - a place dedicated to creativity in the heart of Bucharest.
General Information:
Strategy: For this event, we had the following objectives:
- Increase the number of followers on Instagram with 5%, from 30.000 to 31.500
- Generate a reach 2 times higher than the average number of people reached weekly on Instagram
- Increase the number of photos versus previous editions with 20% (from 500 photos to 600 photos)
- Prove Samsung’s Galaxy S9 camera superiority in low light conditions

Our audience - young minded people, with a passion for photography, that understand the role of technology in modern life; keen on being present on social media and receive attention, eager to take part in social experiences.
From a business perspective, there’s “cameras war” going on in the smartphone’s market. Each manufacturer is trying to convince the public that their latest camera is the best. In the context of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone launch and its super low light photo feature, Samsung walked the talk. Literally.
Thus, it reached to its online community, by asking photography enthusiasts, to take part into an artistic experiment. Under the guidance of Christina One, a renowned photographer, 20 photo aficionados, equipped with Samsung Galaxy devices, were part of the art squad that scouted around the streets of Bucharest providing live content for Samsung Live Museum. More, the gallery was open to receive content from all the followers that created work related to one of the three themes: portrait, street art and patterns created with their Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
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