Orange Romania created a multi-channel campaign addressing a large number of segments, in order to grow a new line of business – Orange Love.
Using available data, Orange Romania tailored its approach for each customer segment so as to increase relevance in targeting.

Orange is the leader Romanian mobile telecom provider, with a history of over 20 years on the market and over 10 million customers. In 2017 Orange Romania launched “Orange Love”, a new convergent offer meant to cover the entire spectrum of connectivity services (mobile, TV and internet connection), taking into account the great potential on the Romanian market and in order to help strengthen the position of Orange Romania as a convergent provider apart from its more known image as a mobile centric operator on the local market.
General Information:
Strategy: Orange was perceived as a mobile services provider and mobile devices retailer. With Orange Love, the business challenge was to change the public’s perception about the company, make it understand that Orange also provides cable TV and internet through fiber in the same pack.
At the same time, another challenge was to drive leads - potential Love customers.

Translated into digital brief: our challenge was to deal with multiple targets, each of them with different characteristics/interests and figure out the hook for switching to a simple integrated solution from separate services from different providers.

Approach: One of our beliefs as a performance company is that precise targeting, customised to our public’s needs, means money well spent, higher impact in sales and happier customers. Thus, we decided to split the generic defined customer into a large number of segments, based on:
Orange client data
what they are looking for
what providers they are using

Thus, we came up with a list that included segments like: Orange clients/non-clients, competitors’ clients, people in search for cable TV, internet related queries, fiber services, mobile plans or smartphones.

Our plan was to create sets of campaigns for each of these segments, each one with a specific approach determined by the potential need of the customer. Instead of using a single/ standard message, we planned to grab their attention with a custom message and then walk them through the entire experience of using all services from a single provider - under Orange Love.

Being a heterogeneous target, we had to address multiple segments of users keeping in mind a holistic approach - making sure we covered both brand awareness and leads generation.
Segmented target:
Competitors’ clients - reach them by using an audience based on the service provider
Orange clients - people who already use Orange products
Visitors of Orange website - targeting users who already showed an interest towards Orange products by visiting the website

The audiences were created in multiple steps approach: starting from their online behavior, included those who verified their eligibility, but did not complete the registration, based on their viewing habits on our YouTube channel
Potential clients - we did not have details about them, not sure if they are interested to change their current provider, so for them we used YouTube and GDN campaigns in order to let them know about the new offer: Orange Love
Added an extra layer: the mobile approach of the customer - call center, call extension, dedicated phone number promoted through AdWords campaigns
Clients who are in the eligible areas - targeting people filtered by browser location (obtained through Google Tag Manager)
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