A simple, yet challenging brief: communicate the launch of the innovative Rigips® Super Top plaster to a wide audience (both end-consumers and construction workers) exclusively through a digital communication campaign.
Solution: “Glet Rich or Die Trying” is an original online video featuring popular stand-up comedian Alex Mocanu as a relatable handyman character. The music video follows a group of construction workers as they use the all-new Rigips® product while praising the benefits of the plaster. Equally an online commercial and a musical release, the two-and-a-half-minute catchy hip hop track quickly became a viral hit.
General Information:
Strategy: Convince a broad audience that the Rigips® Super Top plaster can solve any task by permeating pop culture with a relatable brand-owned character. In this case, Zinedine Zidar, the down-to-earth fun construction worker central to the story.
Video Link: