Facing one big challenge, as the market became free on private segment, becoming more efficient and securing premium customers started to be top priorities for Enel.

Due to the fast development of technology and massive use of new smart devices, it was necessary for Enel to improve the experience of its customer with the brands` assets. The growing number of clients who are using new technologies imposed changes and developments that give users’ easy access to all the useful services that Enel offered in the offline and online platforms
General Information:
Strategy: Centrade-Cheil, one of the leading independent communication agencies, developed and launched the new version of the MyEnel Mobile Application, the only native mobile application in the energy sector. The application offers new features adapted to Enel customers’ fast changing needs, and provides access, in a user-friendly interface, for a wide range of services and useful information for Enel users.

Marketing challenge:
As the leading company in its sector, it was a must for Enel to create a modern and innovative self-service customer care product, in order to offer practical and easy alternatives for consumers, by constantly working to simplify the interaction with its services.
Also, Enel customers have simple monthly needs - pay the energy bill, send the Index values, evaluate their consumption. So we needed to provide them with a simple, clear, consistent experience that adapts to their profile, based on their needs and devices they use every day.

Developing the new version of MyEnel app aimed to improve the overall perception of the brand, as part of a wider modernization program, in order to boost the quality of the commercial services offered to customers, and deliver modern and innovative solutions, in order to meet the customer needs.
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