Cooler is the flavored extension of Ursus, one of the most popular beers in Romania.
Commoditization in beer segment lead to product innovations and a constant seek for novelty.

As a differentiator, Cooler came up with an innovation - the cooling sensor - through which consumers could identify when the beer is at the right temperature for consumption.
With Cooler we are addressing a new target, younger and mixed gendered. In a very competitive market, novelty is very important from both media approach and packaging perspective.

The briefed objectives were to communicate Cooler as the absolute refreshment along with the cooling sensor on the CAN as the reason to believe.
General Information:
Strategy: The campaign’s objective was to communicate Ursus Cooler as the most refreshing beer mix along with the cooling sensor.

The business challenge consisted in increasing awareness and trial (measurement indicators) while addressing to a young and mixed gendered target (18-28 men & women), hard to impress and reached through classic advertising channels.

The consumer analysis showcased music as the main theme of interest online for 70% of the target.

Also, according to a Millward Brown study, 30% of users interact with both TV and smartphone at the same time. Interacting with TV ads via a mobile app is the best perceived marketing multiscreen approach.

The research analysis identified as main touch points music, as preferred content type, and multiscreen activities (mobile), thus we used it in defining our strategy.

Since our target went online to listen to music, we decided to develop a song, content that users could consume, like and share.

We used our proprietary tool to identify the music celebrity we should partnership with.
As an output of an analysis of brand attributes overlapped with celebrities’ attributes, we concluded that Marius Moga is the brand/celebrity we wish to transfer attributes, perception from.

Based on brand DNA and client objective, we created a hit having in mind the following: Out of advertising break exposure, Earned media on all channels (TV, digital, radio), High frequency perception using the clip also for a TVC cut.

The brand was natively integrated in the song, both lyrics and script being developed starting from the client’s brief.

In order to accumulate organic reach, in the first phase the song was launched only in digital while collaboration was not redeemed by the brand.

Two weeks after we launched also the Cooler TVC linking in this way the song with the product.

In the multiscreen context, the engagement layer of the campaign was represented by Shazam for TV activation through which users could listen to the song, download the ringtone or win Cooler prizes.
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