The smartphones market is extremely crowded. Every month a new product is launched and the differentiators between the new models are less and less noticeable.
Samsung is the most prolific brand in terms of smartphone models launched every year. This is how they maintain their position as market leaders. But it is precisely this business strategy (“There is a Samsung smartphone for everyone.”) that generates a negative impact on the brand perception among users.
Due to the fact that people seek uniqueness and feeling special through the brands they use, their preference for the Samsung brand is decreasing every year. If Samsung is for everyone, it means that it is not for them. Many of them may own a Samsung, because of the accessible prices, but they long for something cooler, that would reflect their personality. More than that, the research they do is very subjective, as they are trying to find the relevance of the brand irrespective of their need.
It is in this context that Samsung launched the Galaxy S6 edge+, a phone that had a mix of features for the first time on the market – size and edged screen, showcasing new benefits for consumers.
General Information:
Strategy: Although people often want to change their lifestyle, we all know that it is easier said than done and that doing lifestyle changes is the first thing being postponed for...tomorrow.
So, since we were launching bigger smartphones in all the ways (size, features, and technology) we thought to also launch a big challenge: start improving your lifestyle today, one challenge at a time and you'll have a big day every day.
This is how the Big Day Today mobile app was born, an app that gave the user one challenge per day for 30 days. Every morning a new challenge was being unlocked and the user was invited to complete it and upload a photo/video with it. Examples of challenges: take the stairs, dance, dress differently, eat something new, drink a morning smoothie etc.
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