Ten years ago, Romania ranked 24th in Europe’s top on population obesity. Today, Romania ranks 3rd in Europe’s obesity chart, with more than half of the adult population showing signs of obesity.
Some already know Ponderas is the only Centre of Excellence in obesity surgery in Eastern Europe, but too few understood what really sets Ponderas apart from other hospitals - for Ponderas, helping and caring for someone doesn’t start in the operating room.
The goal was to establish Ponderas as the leading hospital addressing obesity problems, not for its own gain, but as a true fighter for the better, and to encourage people to take action against obesity before surgery is needed.
General Information:
Strategy: Obesity is still a problem most Romanians overlook. In order to showcase itself as a Center of Excellence, Ponderas had to step outside the medical standards of regular hospitals. Instead of focusing on converting potential patients into surgeries, Ponderas chose to win on the long run.

The idea of a long term platform set around prevention was the solution that would position Ponderas as the leading hospital against obesity. The platform doesn’t target only overweight people, as people who have undergone surgery are most of the times persuaded by family and friends to take this scary step for them.

Targeting overweight people, their family and friends, Ponderas gained share of voice in communities that otherwise would have completely ignored an obesity hospital. And #TheKmBank soon became the most important platform for fight against obesity.
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