MoneyIQ is a CSR driven financial education program meant to help people make wise decision regarding their personal finances and to use at their full potential the available financial services. Its addressability is quite large, covering all population aged 14 to 44 years old. The campaign period was May to December 2014.

The backbone of MoneyIQ educational campaign consists of a 3 steps “how to manage personal finances” training.

During the training, several characters were telling users tips and tricks on how to best manage their personal finances. These characters were also featured in the creative ads.
The object of this case study is the Facebook app only and all data, strategy, use of media and results make reference exclusively to it. https://www.facebook.com/BaniIQ/info?tab=page_info

As a further incentive to join the program, the users that would finish the training were eligible for instant money prizes and a big prize of 1000 euro.

In order to enter the training the users should register with name, e-mail and telephone number and in a later stage, there were required information about birthday, education and bank relation.

2014 was the second year of the campaign.

The campaign objective was to increase by 50% the number of conversions versus 2013. A conversion was defined as a user that had finished the MoneyIQ training within the Facebook Application.
General Information:
Strategy: Customization to the fullest extent.

Taking into consideration that the training is quite long: it takes 15 to 20 minutes to be completed and receive the diploma, in order to reach the conversions objective, WE FOCUSED ON MORE THAN JUST MEDIA PARAMETERS AND USED BOTH ANALYTICS AND USER EXPERIENCE TOOLS (UX).

We concentrated our efforts in enhancing the quality of the leads (a lead was considered an app install, hence the entering the training) and customize the ad creation messaging following the insights from complex analytics and UX crossed analyses.

Is worth mentioning that all communication for promoting the Facebook app was done on Facebook only using in timeline and right side hand ads.
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