Ice cream – one of the most disputed and fragmented FMCG categories.

The ice cream market is disputed among 7 main established producers who count for nearly 70% of the total market in terms of value share: Betty Ice, Unilever, Nestle, Alpin 57 Lux, Top Gel, Kubo and Ice DYP.
Things are also far from being simple from the consumer perspective. Each of these main producers sells ice-cream under an extremely wide portfolio of brand names (local and imported) and sub-brands.
To put it more clearly, the seven leading ice-cream producers are offering consumers an unbelievable number of 108 different brands! Hard choice for consumers.

Corso from Macromex. A newcomer in this ocean of brands.

In 2013, the local company Macromex - importer and distributor of refrigerated and frozen foods, decided to enter the ice-cream market by launching its own brand.
With no communication support at all, only by trade and distribution efforts, Corso grabbed a modest 0,7% in terms of value share by the end of 2013. It ranked that time as the 20th brand in the market.

2014. Time for Corso to start communicating.

In such a fragmented category that lacks true differentiation, we faced 2 challenges:

• Successfully launch Corso on the Romanian market;

• Create preference for both consumer and trade thus increasing business;
General Information:
Strategy: Our strategic approach was based on a simple observation about Corso’s target: teenagers and young adults, 14-29 y.o. As youngsters, they don’t need much to be happy. They live probably the best time of their life, experimenting things and continuously exploring. They seize the day, adhere to causes, think they can change the world and adopt trends, in search for models.
In fact, adopting a trend seems a must for this generation. They need trends as a form to express, to “be cool”.

Advertising to this audience is a risky business, because advertising doesn’t seem to be part of their culture. It’s just advertising that tries to sell them a product.
We had to do something different to gain their attention and admiration. Become a trend, not a brand that is just running an advertising campaign.

Back to the trends they follow; nevertheless fashion and music are the most relevant and scalable for this audience, with music probably being the more powerful of the two.

And this is how our approach came to life. What if instead of thinking advertising, we change the paradigm and think music? What if instead of running a good TV commercial, we create the next summer music hit? What if instead of regular actors we count on some of the most appreciated music celebrities? What if instead just being just another advertising break we make ourselves noticed through music?

We took a bet and decided that winning the hearts of “trend followers” by making Corso, THE SEASON’S BEST POP BRAND will bring us straight to our objectives:

1. Generate brand awareness and word of mouth among the target audience that will in turn determine them to buy Corso.

2. Become a significant player (with 4% value share) in the Romanian ice-cream market by the end of 2015.
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