Ten years ago, Romania ranked 24th in Europe’s top on population obesity. Today, Romania ranks 3rd in Europe’s obesity chart, with more than half of the adult population showing signs of obesity.

Ponderas is the only Center of Excellence in obesity surgery in Eastern Europe. Some already know this, but too few understood what really sets Ponderas apart from other hospitals.

Ponderas needed a campaign that would stretch outside medical communication and change its perception from a regular Romanian hospital to a place that does not treat patients, but helps people get better.
General Information:
Strategy: For European Obesity Day, Ponderas decided to encourage physical activity and talk to, not to patients alone, but to their friends and families alike.A different kind of fundraising came to life as Ponderas set to collect acts of obesity prevention.

Tell someone to exercise more and you will be ignored. Tell someone he can help another man just by walking, running or biking, chances are they will start moving.

Ponderas promised to change the life of a man in return for people to exercise more. Using #donatekm on social media, everyone could share their physical activity and, when 10,000 km were reached, a man’s life got back to normal.

The brand wanted to inspire people to do more for their well-being, and position itself as the hospital where the helping and caring part doesn’t start in the operating room.
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